Dear Mr. Illegitimate President.

The first contribution to our Dear Mr. President project is from fellow witness – blogger and activist Matthew Saberhagen, entitled “Dear Mr. Illegitimate President”. Our “Dear Mr. President” project aims to amplify your concerns to the world by reading or airing your concerns on our podcast….

A Change of Order – Dear Mr. President

A Change of Order: Dear Mr. President image via CBS News image via NY Post image via Axios image via image via amNY We here at The Java’s Witnesses can only speak to our experiences and opinions on today’s topics. While that’s great for a vast majority of the topics covered here, there’s one…

America, Regressing Socially and Civilly

America, Regressing Socially and Civilly
Season One

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On this Election Eve episode – we talk immigration, white supremacy, and could a second Civil War be brewing?

In our medium roast, we’re joined by very special guest, and honorary Witness – Matthew Saberhagen** – for a break down from this past weekend’s BlizzCon. Did Blizzard make a tragic mistake by not announcing a new Diablo title for PC? Let’s discuss!…