A Change of Order:

Dear Mr. President

We here at The Java’s Witnesses can only speak to our experiences and opinions on today’s topics. While that’s great for a vast majority of the topics covered here, there’s one in particular we need help with. That’s where you – our listeners – come in.

We want you to express your opinion about our current President and his administration, and whether you’re against it or completely on board – we will air it for the world to hear. The issues that matter to normal, everyday Americans need to be heard by everyone: from those in power, to the rural voter in the Deep South, and even to our international allies. The only way to ensure change occurs is to learn what is important, who feels marginalized, and who’s just had enough of the status quo.

A disclaimer:

No threats of violence to the President and his administration will be tolerated. In fact, they’ll be forwarded onto the proper authorities. We’re all about open discourse – not being fucking morons and inviting the Secret Service to our homes. 


We will accept, air or read your submissions on our show,
without censorship
provided you do not use slurs or hate-speech.

Make yourself heard.

We have three options for you to submit your entries:

For short and sweet letters that get straight to the point, feel free to send them via tweet.

Dear Mr. President #JWPTestify

If you would like to submit audio, please send e-mail it to us 


or provide a link to your uploaded audio (soundcloud, youtube, etc)

We ask that you please ensure your audio clip is no longer than 5 minutes in length.

Or if you’re ready to compose your Dear Mr. President letter now, just use the form below: