The Witnesses




Created by long-time friends and avid coffee drinkers, Eliza Groski and Olivia Kingston, The Java’s Witnesses Podcast was established in 2018 to give a platform to real everyday voices and opinions in today’s world.

Now you might be wondering – “Why the name? Why Java’s Witnesses?” You know that first sip of coffee on a sleepy hungover morning? Its almost a religious experience. Coffee is often so integral to our everyday lives; first dates are often over coffee, big life-changing conversations, even interventions – all over coffee. Its the one thing most people can’t adequately start their day without. But most importantly – its comforting and warm – but also bitter, like the truth. Those are ideals that we like to embody. To be comforting, warm and accepting to all – but to also be completely truthful, and perhaps even occasionally bitter with some of our opinions.

Often the opinions of real everyday people are lost in the rhetoric that’s spewed on cable news and online, so before we talk about any story or issue it is thoroughly researched from multiple outlets. We take this media bias chart into consideration with all sources, and ensure to use multiple across the spectrum – as that is also where our views lay.

Occasionally joining Liv and Eliza is their friend, honorary Witness – blogger and activist Matt Saberhagen, who provides a unique voice to the issues facing the LGBTQ+ community, along with his own personal views on today’s topics.

The Java’s Witnesses Podcast is primarily recorded via Discord, due to location differences. We do hope to have special in studio episodes in the future.