The first contribution to our Dear Mr. President project is from fellow witness – blogger and activist Matthew Saberhagen, entitled “Dear Mr. Illegitimate President”.

Our “Dear Mr. President” project aims to amplify your concerns to the world by reading or airing your concerns on our podcast. Some will even be produced into videos like the one you’re watching right here. In addition to being posted on YouTube, they will also be posted here on our show’s web site and Twitter page. We want to give a higher platform to more every day people just like you. Whether you’re satisfied or dissatisfied with with way our current President and his administration are handling things – we’d love to hear your thoughts. Submissions could not be easier. For a quick few words, submit your letter via Twitter using the #JWPTestify tag.

For longer submissions, please use this form.  Audio submissions can also be submitted via email through the form as well. We ask that they are no longer than 5 minutes in length, contain no copyrighted works, and have as clear of vocals as you can manage. Links to audio are recommended, but not required.